Flora Pittsburghensis

Wild flowers of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania

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Trillium grandiflorum

This site is a bare beginning on a long-term project to create a photographic record of the flowering plants in Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. It is designed to be as fast and simple as possible, so it may remind you of the Web as it was in about 1998 (but with no blinking text).

You can start at the Index of Families, which will eventually lead you to a fully populated flora of the area, but which right now has a few stray links to show you how the completed site will be organized.

If you want to look at pictures, the main Flora Pitts­burghensis site has many more pictures that have not appeared here yet.

Found an Error?

Run to this page at the main Flora Pittsburghensis site and leave a comment. Corrections are received with much gratitude, since old Pa Pitt is not a botanist and is frequently swimming out of his depth here. (The reason for sending you to the main site is that this site is deliberately kept too simpleminded to deal with comments.)

Using These Pictures

All these pictures are licensed under a CC0 public-domain-equivalent license. You can do anything you like with them, on line or in print, without asking permission.

Taking Your Own Pictures

For the benefit of readers who spend more time in the human world and less in the vegetable kingdom, old Pa Pitt has put together a page of advice he finds helpful in taking pictures of flowers.

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This site uses no cookies and does not track you. Most of the pictures are hosted at Wikimedia Commons, where they are available for anyone to use. Some older pictures are hosted at WordPress.com; if you enlarge them you will be taken to that site. We are gradually moving those pictures to Wikimedia Commons or our own server.